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NY Cover

This article recreated from
New York Magaine: The Best of New York
April 15, 1996 Special Issue.
When Howard Stern mentioned on his morning radio show that he had lined up a magician to perform at his daughter's party, AL GARBER (516-677-0883) was depressed. Why hadn't Stern hired him? Garber later realized Stern actually had hired him, and Garber had since been asked back to perform at several other Stern family parties-including a surprise party for Stern's wife, Alison.

The choice is proof that Stern doesn't take his work habits home with him, because Al, known professionally as Magic Al, is notorious for keeping his language clean - in rooms where a fart joke would be a sure way to bring the house down.

Photograph by Joeseph Cultice.
Garber's accomplished sleight of hand can make a live dove appear out of nowhere and a birthday child levitate. But it's the banter-always funny in just the right way - that really sets him apart. What do 7-year-old girls find funny? He knows that too!

Be warned, though: Children in the audience long out of diapers frequently wet themselves-they literally pee in their pants. In comedy there can be no higher praise.

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