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Magic Al gets some advice from
Yikes the Rabbit!
Magic Al levitates one
of his fans during
the live show!
Magic Al falls for the
old "Snake-in-the-can" Trick!
Magic Al sings,
"Nothing's More Important
Than Family"
Yikes takes a moment
to ponder about carrots.
Magic Al thinks he can
save his Grandpa's Magic Shop.
Magic Al and Yikes make their
first public appearance together
at the American Girl Place in NYC.
"Ahh, how my fans adore me,"
thinks Yikes the Rabbit.
Magic Al and Yikes perform
for the crowd for the first time.
Magic Al plants a big smooch
on his new best buddy!
Fans of Magic Al show their
feelings after the show!
Yikes laughs it up after tricking
Magic Al into wearing a
straight jacket!

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